Add Stader validators

iYield’s support for Stader validators

Stader validators are a “value, balance and income” supported investment on iYield. That means by adding Stader validators to your iYield space iYield will automatically track the validator’s:

  • Value in your preferred currency.
  • Balance in ETH and SD.
  • Income in your preferred currency, ETH and SD. Both the amount and the annual percentage yield (APY).

iYield also has value, balance and income support for Stader’s ETHx liquid staking token (LST), including if it’s restaked on Eigenlayer. Lastly, iYield has value and balance support for Stader’s SD governance token.

Note that Stader validators are sometimes called ETHx validators. They are the same thing.

How to add a Stader validator to iYield

  1. Click the “Add new” button in the top right corner on desktop or the “+” button in the bottom right corner on mobile. Then click “Asset”.

  1. Click “Add by crypto address” This opens the search form. Alternatively if the Stader validator is at an ETH address from your MetaMask Wallet you may add it by selecting add from MetaMask.
  1. Enter either of the below blockchain identifiers into the search bar:
    • Stader node ethereum address.
    • Validator pub key.

  1. Select the Stader node in the search results and click the “Add” button. A node may contain 1 or multiple validators.

If you only added one asset, such as in the image above, then the item’s details will be displayed like this

However, if you added multiple assets then no item details will be displayed and you will see whatever page you were on when you started the process.

  1. If you like you can give the Stader validator a custom name, tags, or link manual expenses, such as the validator’s hosting fees.

Here we see the Stader node we just added, which contains multiple validators, on the wealth dashboard.

And here is the automatic income from the Stader node on the budget dashboard.


Stader validators may receive multiple types of reward payments. In some cases when these payments have not yet been withdrawn from the validator, iYield may not include them in the validator’s value. We are working to fix this. All the rewards are correctly counted as income for the validator.

iYield Stader validators FAQ

Q: How does iYield support Stader validators?
A: iYield supports Stader validators by allowing you to add your Stader validator by its ETH address or public key. Once added, iYield tracks its value as an asset, and its income automatically.

Q: Can I link my Stader validator to an expense such as the hosting fee?
A: Yes, you can create a manual expense for the hosting fee and link that to the Stader validator in iYield. iYield will then take this expense into account when calculating the validator’s annual percentage yield (APY).

Q: What Stader assets are supported by iYield?
A: iYield supports Stader validators, ETHx liquid staking tokens (including if it’s restaked on Eigenlayer) and Stader’s SD governance token.

Q: How does iYield calculate the APY for my Stader validator?
A: iYield calculates the APY for your Stader validator by tracking the rewards the validator receives, as a percentage of the validator’s value. iYield will also take into account any other incomes or expenses you manually link to the Stader validator.

Q: What is the difference between a validator and a node?
A: Stader validators exist at Stader nodes. The validator is the virtual machine that provides validation services to the ethereum network. A Stader node may contain 1 or many validators.

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