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29 Nov 2023

Blog 5 best crypto job boards

iYield is a financial planning tool for crypto natives, by crypto natives. We all get paid in crypto and pay as many of our suppliers as possible in crypto. So when it comes to hiring we only use crypto job boards to find candidates who match our values. 

Each employee is critical to the success of the business and there are precious few resources to waste on training up hires that don’t work out. On top of this, the hiring process can be very time consuming, between reviewing resumes, sending out and reviewing code challenges and conducting interviews. 

So it’s important to start by listing jobs in the right places. We surveyed the potential crypto job boards and tried 7 that looked promising. Here is what we found roughly from best to worst. 

1. Web3 Jobs


Web3 Jobs has a cypherpunk style website that feels very fitting for a crypto job board. It is extremely easy to post a job and the job is up instantly. Sadly their pricing model is overcomplicated, forcing customers to decide whether they want extras like

  • Premium support.
  • Company logo.
  • Changing the post color.
  • Sticking the post to the top of the list.

We opted out of all of these and got an enormous number of applicants from Web3 Jobs so the value of these extras is suspect. 

Another disappointing feature of Web3 Jobs is they will automatically renew your listing for an extra $199 every 30 days and this isn’t made obvious when you post the ad; you need to read the fine print of the email. We much prefer what other sites do where they will email you when your ad is going to be taken down and you can choose to renew it.

Putting aside their questionable pricing model, Web3 Jobs did an excellent job of finding us candidates. We received 373 applications from Web3 Jobs – over twice as many as any of the other job board. It is these results, and their affordable pricing, that lead us to put Web3 Jobs in top spot.

2. Cryptocurrency Jobs


Cryptocurrency Jobs has a clean website and simple pricing structure. Unlike other crypto job boards where there are a long list of upgrades and add-ons of dubious value, Cryptocurrency Jobs includes everything for a flat rate of $299. Your job is listed for a month and at the end of that you are sent an email with a link to renew if you wish. It is refreshing not to have to opt-out of an auto-renewal that most customers would never want.

Posting to Cryptocurrency Jobs is a smooth process and our ads were listed almost immediately. They accept crypto and you don’t need to sign up for an account. The biggest downside of Cryptocurrency Jobs is there is no way to edit or take down the ad early.

3. CryptoJobsList


CryptoJobsList has a beautiful website and posting a job is easy and efficient. The ads appear immediately and can be edited at any time. The pricing structure is a bit annoying as you need to choose on a sliding scale how much you are willing to pay and that will influence how far down the list of jobs your ad will appear and how much it will be promoted through social media and newsletters. However their pricing is reasonable and for the same amount you would pay on other sites you get more posts on social media and since CryptoJobsList has a large following on X this will result in many people seeing your ad.

4. Remote3


Remote3 has a nice website and it was easy to submit a job. However we disliked that applicants needed to sign up for a Remote3 account to be redirected to our application form. It is also not possible to edit or take down ads from Remote3.

5. useWeb3.xyz


useWeb3.xyz is an open source website with resources for web3 developers, their job listing is just one feature. However we found it clunky to use and it took a long time for the job to become visible. There is no way to edit jobs after they have been created. Although it is free to list on useWeb3.xyz, in future we wouldn’t bother.

These last 2 sites did not make the cut.



We had a poor experience with cryptojobs.com. Their website has frustrating bugs such as rejecting our ad because it mentioned the year “2023” that cryptojobs.com thought was a phone number. Once we finally managed to submit our ad, it required manual approval and this took several days. By this time we had such a large response from other job boards that there was no point in having posted to cryptojobs.com.



crypto.jobs was a disappointment on many fronts: the website has bugs, listings only support plain text and don’t allow supplying a link to an external application form. In the end our posting wasn’t even listed because their payment system was broken.


Job boardPriceAccept crypto?
Web3 Jobs$199No
Cryptocurrency Jobs$299Yes


From advertising on the top 5 crypto job boards above we received almost 600 applicants. If we look at the source of the applicants, over half of them came from Web3 Jobs.

However it is not quantity, but quality of applicants that matters. To assess this we can look at how many applicants got through the various stages of the application. We first reviewed all applications and narrowed down the list of candidates to the best 43. These top candidates progressed to the next stage of a code challenge. 

If we look at the number of applicants sent these code challenges there were still more from Web3 Jobs but as a percentage of total applicants, there were fewer from Web3 Jobs:

Job boardApplicantsSent code challenge%sent code challenge
Web3 Jobs373225.9
Cryptocurrency Jobs128129.4

These numbers suggest that a large number of applicants from Web3 Jobs were low quality. We reviewed the code challenges and eliminated all but 8 applicants who went on to the next round, which was an interview. After the interview we sent job offers to 3 candidates.

Job boardInterviewedSent job offers
Web3 Jobs52
Cryptocurrency Jobs11

So although Web3 Jobs sent us a larger proportion of unsuitable candidates, we did end up offering jobs to two candidates they sent us as well as one candidate that responded to the ad on Cryptocurrency Jobs.

How the job boards find candidates

A benefit of posting to crypto job boards is that as well as hosting your job ad, the boards will promote your job in many places including social media, newsletters, LinkedIn and WhatsApp and Telegram groups. This makes a big difference as some of the job boards have tens of thousands of followers on X. The posts that the job boards made on our behalf got thousands of views. We asked candidates to tell us where they saw our ads and this gives some information on which social media platforms produced the most applications:

30% of applications are written with AI

As we started reviewing the applications we noticed that many answers were suspiciously similar. Here are some examples to a question we posed about whether the applicant had experience with GraphQL:

  • Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to use GraphQL in several projects. My impression is that GraphQL offers more flexibility and efficiency than REST as it allows the client to specify exactly what data it needs, reducing over-fetching and under-fetching issues. However, REST can be simpler to use for straightforward, smaller scale applications. Both have their benefits and it’s important to choose based on the specific needs of the project.
  • Yes, I have experience working with GraphQL in a project. My impression is that GraphQL offers more flexibility in data retrieval, allowing clients to request precisely the data they need. It can reduce over-fetching and under-fetching of data compared to REST. However, the choice between GraphQL and REST depends on the project’s specific requirements and client needs.
  • My impression of GraphQL versus REST is that GraphQL offers more flexibility and efficiency in fetching data from the server. With GraphQL, clients can request exactly the data they need, reducing over-fetching or under-fetching of information, which can be common in RESTful APIs.
  • GraphQL offers more flexibility compared to REST because it allows clients to request exactly the data they need, reducing over-fetching or under-fetching of data.
  • GraphQL offers more flexibility by allowing clients to request only the data they need, reducing over-fetching.

There were many other clues that these answers were composed by an AI tool like ChatGPT. Indeed when we asked ChatGPT to compose an answer it used identical wording as the applicants.

We had specifically written questions to ask candidates about their opinions of or experiences with different technologies so using AI to answer these questions seemed lazy and dishonest. We needed a way to filter out these applicants so we used the GPTZero and Content at Scale AI detectors to predict whether the applications were written by AI. The results were a little depressing: 30% of applicants used some AI in their applications and 1% used AI to compose their entire application.

Fortunately for now it is relatively easy to detect AI generated answers but it seems likely that within a year or two it won’t be possible. At that point it will become pointless to ask job seekers to answer written questions as it will be impossible to distinguish honest answers from AI generated lies.

Nationalities of applicants

We received applications from 76 countries, covering every continent except Antarctica. 

If we look at the top 10 countries we see that India, Nigeria and the USA had the most candidates. This makes sense because these are high population countries with strong tech sectors.

We thought it would be interesting to see whether the different job boards fielded applicants from different countries. Looking at the top 5 countries by job board we have:

RankWeb3 JobsCryptocurrency JobsCryptoJobsListRemote3useWeb3
1India 🇮🇳India 🇮🇳India 🇮🇳China 🇨🇳India 🇮🇳
2Nigeria 🇳🇬Nigeria 🇳🇬Canada 🇨🇦India 🇮🇳Nigeria 🇳🇬
3USA 🇺🇸USA 🇺🇸Nigeria 🇳🇬USA 🇺🇸USA 🇺🇸
4Pakistan 🇵🇰Canada 🇨🇦Serbia 🇷🇸Japan 🇯🇵China 🇨🇳
5China 🇨🇳China 🇨🇳Brazil 🇧🇷Nigeria 🇳🇬France 🇫🇷

It can be seen that there is a lot of commonality in the lists from each board with applicants from India, Nigeria, USA and China appearing in the top five for all boards except CryptoJobsList which had unusually high numbers from Canada, Serbia and Brazil.


Advertising on crypto job boards turned out to be more successful than we anticipated. In fact the large number of promising candidates was almost overwhelming. Two of the candidates we sent offers to accepted and have proven to be excellent engineers who are now adding features to iYield. Of the five job boards we advertised on, Web3 Jobs produced the most candidates, even after eliminating the large number of unsuitable applicants. In future we would probably only advertise on the top 3 boards as between these we would get more than enough candidates.

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