Crypto Financial Planning

Take a step towards financial independence!

iYield is the first crypto financial planning tool. Whereas portfolio trackers show the value of your assets, iYield also takes into account debts, incomes and expenses to show your real net worth and savings rate for crypto and fiat combined! Get a grip on your finances, make good decisions and become financially independent!

Why use iYield

Combined crypto and fiat wealth dashboard with net worth and investment APY%.
Budget dashboard with savings rate (cash flow) and savings projection over time.
Flexible and customizable; track all your crypto & fiat assets, debts, incomes and expenses.
Add items automatically by connecting your wallet or entering public addresses. Or add them manually.
Personalize your investments with custom names and icons to show what they mean to you.
Multiple spaces under one account to separate different budgets and test experimental portfolios.

The widest range of supported assets

iYield supports 9,592 cryptos (everything on CoinMarketCap), all fiat currencies, as well as the balance, value and income from these DeFi investments:

Binance Balances
ETH Validators
13 LSTs & LRTs
Maker DAO
Rocket Pool Vals
Stader ETHx Vals

Click here for full details of our supported protocols and how to add each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Why iYield

We needed a way to keep track of multiple DeFi and crypto investments. As well as assets and incomes we needed to take our debts and expenses into account. We also needed to include our non-crypto finances to get our real net worth and full financial picture.

There was no such product on the market so we made a custom spreadsheet but found it onerous to manually update the prices of the crypto, APYs, balances and everything else.

We began adding automation to the spreadsheet and realized that we were building something useful for all crypto investors. And so iYield was born as crypto’s first and only comprehensive financial planning tool.


iYield is a team of crypto natives, the founders have been active in the crypto community since 2013. We all get paid in crypto and keep most of our savings in crypto, which we use iYield to manage of course!

Mission and vision

iYield’s mission is to empower fellow crypto holders to better understand and manage their finances and investments. This enables iYield’s users to make better decisions and confidently leverage crypto to become financially independent.

Our vision is a world where everyone can be empowered by cryptocurrency.


iYield is a trustworthy member of the crypto community. We value privacy, security, decentralization and individual liberty. We embrace long term thinking and planning to create long term value and results.